Virta Toy
Teach Kids to Code Pt. 1



The problem: Toddlers are constantly absorbing new information everyday. They have just begun to learn their colors, and attempting to master the vast wonders that their little hands are capable of. Their parents want to expand their knowledge, and give them the best foundation for their future. they are looking for a toy that is screen free, but also teaches them the art of puzzles, patterns, and fine motor skills.

Target Audience:
Ages 3+
STEM Professionals

Adobe ID | PS | AI
Canon T1i Canon 50mm 1.4 lens


First we begin to lay the groundwork of creating a bright and imaginative brand that desires to launch a toy merging nature and science/ technology. Through research and ideation we unearth a series of discoveries to make a toy that both parents and children can enjoy together. What is even better is that without realizing it parents and children are learning to code at it’s very core, by creating patterns.