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Corporate Portraits

Philips Design Team

During my Communications Design Internship with Philips on their Oral Health Design Team, I had the amazing opprotunity to leave my team with professional corporate portraits. It was an honor to use the relationships that I had made, and connect with them on a personal level to bring out the best of each person on the team. A couple things Philips and I have in common is minimalist design, and natural light photography.

These portraits gave the team an opprotunity to be more unified, and a corporate sophisticated look. Since we worked on a team together, I could photograph them one on one. I enjoyed having the honor working with them, and even more so connecting with them. These portraits can be used for internal purposes, but also speaking engagements, LinkedIn, contact list, portfolios and the list goes on.

Adobe Lightroom
Canon t1i
Canon 50 mm 1.4

Philips Oral Health

Delivery Date:
DEC 2016

Philips Oral Health Creative Director Portrait