Mamicka is Slovak for “mother”. It is a modern brand for the progressive mother seeking a tribe of sisterhood. Moms more often than not find themselves as creatures of the night whether it’s a new mother up for feedings with a newborn, or a seasoned mother who is seeking personal “me time”. Mamicka seeks to establish its branding, web, and merchandise. The brand’s merchandise consists of made for moms tea and soft jersey t-shirts.

Adobe AI | PS | ID
Canon T1i & 50mm 1.4


We start by research and brainstorming what a modern, progressive, and edgy mother would appear like. With influences from the night and the vast darkness of the ocean, we begin to forge Mamicka’s identity. With the different blends of teas in mind, we implemented different night and motherhood themed visuals along with a hand painted pattern. The website was designed to entice the customer to make a purchase, and join a tribe of strong and powerful women.