Kismet Knits

Branding + Strategy


Kismet Knits is a knitting pattern company located in Massachusetts. They believe that their customers have an ability to create the life they love, and it begins with their own two hands. Kismet Knits offers patterns that are simple, but appear intricate and high end. They are looking to elevate their brand to the level of their beliefs and work ethic all while building a community.

To view their WIP website progress, please click here:

Target Audience:
Professional & Casual Knitters
Females 30+

Type Form
Adobe AI | PS 


Keeping with the original branding colors we updated the look & feel of the Kismet Knits brand. Kismet Knits now feels modern & sophisticated enough to stand by Anthropologie inspirations. We interviewed potential clients to build user personas for the website update. Lastly Kismet also received new product photography to be used for their new website and social media.