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Visual + UX Designer

Research Enthusiast

Lifestyle Photographer

Welcome, inquisitives! 


I’m Christina Joan, but please call me Christi. I’m a left handed analytical creative, and I believe design in all forms should have the user in mind. I’m an excellent listener, an enjoyer of challenges, an encourager, a weaver of stories, and a researcher by nature.  Coffee is life. Good food is love. Fantastically nerdy things are my drive. 

My most recent internship with Philips landed my family and I in the bewitching and magical PNW. There I was able to lead the concept generation and research for their corporate timeline. I’ve also had the unique opprotunity to exercise my creative muscle by working with churches with 5K+ members for 4 years. Working with these large churches has expanded my knowledge in design, photography, art direction, and juggling many projects with very strict deadlines.